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Youchamp vs. Traditional Payment Apps: A New Era of Financial Management

In today’s fast-paced world, managing finances and splitting bills has become a part of our daily routine. As technology evolves, so do the ways we handle our expenses. Traditional payment apps have long been the go-to solution, but a new contender has entered the arena – Youchamp. In this blog, we embark on a comparative journey between Youchamp and traditional payment apps, uncovering how Youchamp is reshaping financial management and enhancing the way we handle group expenses.

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Traditional Payment Apps:

Traditional payment apps have long been the staple for managing financial transactions. They typically offer functional yet straightforward interfaces that facilitate basic payment transfers, bill payments, and expense tracking. These apps are designed to streamline individual transactions, enabling users to send money to friends, family, and businesses with ease. However, they often lack features that cater to more complex financial scenarios, such as detailed bill splitting among groups, integrated communication options, and specialized solutions for businesses. While these apps provide a means of conducting transactions, they may not fully address the evolving needs of users in terms of seamless group expense management, fundraising, and enhanced security features. As technology advances and user expectations grow, traditional payment apps face competition from innovative solutions like Youchamp that are redefining the landscape of financial interactions.


Youchamp’s Take on new financial management

User Interface: A Fresh Take on Simplicity

Traditional payment apps often follow a functional yet somewhat clunky design. Youchamp, on the other hand, offers a breath of fresh air with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Navigating through its features feels like a breeze, making the process of splitting bills and managing group expenses an enjoyable experience.


Group Expenses: From Chaos to Clarity

Imagine a group dinner where everyone’s trying to split the bill, but confusion reigns supreme. Traditional payment apps provide basic bill-splitting options, but they often lack the finesse needed for complex scenarios. Youchamp steps in with its advanced algorithms, effortlessly handling multi-item bills and intricate expense distributions. No more manual calculations or headaches – Youchamp does the heavy lifting for you. View our social expense management page.


Communication Integration: Beyond Payments

While traditional payment apps focus solely on transactions, Youchamp introduces a whole new dimension of interaction. Its integrated voice and video calling features enable you to discuss expenses with your group directly within the app. No more jumping between platforms – Youchamp brings everything under one roof.


Fundraising with Heart


Traditional payment apps might process transactions, but they miss the heartwarming aspect of fundraising. Youchamp understands the importance of causes close to your heart. Its fundraising feature empowers you to raise funds effortlessly, all while retaining 100% of the contributions. Whether it’s for a charity, a personal project, or a community event, Youchamp turns every transaction into a chance to make a difference. Start the fundraising immediately.




Businesses, Rejoice!

Businesses often grapple with transaction fees, impacting their bottom line. Youchamp steps up as a game-changer with its business payment system. Say goodbye to exorbitant EFTPOS and transaction charges – Youchamp’s business solution helps you save money that can be better utilized for growth and expansion.

Businesses rejoice

Security: Your Peace of Mind

While traditional payment apps have encountered their share of security breaches, Youchamp raises the bar in safeguarding your financial data. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption and stringent security protocols, Youchamp ensures that your transactions and personal information remain shielded from prying eyes. With Youchamp, your peace of mind is as much a priority as your financial transactions.



In Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in Financial Management

As we bid farewell to the era of traditional payment apps, we usher in a new era of financial management with Youchamp. Its innovative features, seamless interface, and commitment to enhancing both individual and group financial experiences set it apart. From streamlined bill splitting to impactful fundraising, Youchamp isn’t just an app; it’s a revolution in how we handle money.


In a world where convenience and innovation reign supreme, Youchamp emerges as the trailblazer, redefining the way we interact with our finances. Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary – the world of Youchamp awaits.


Why Youchamp Excels Over Traditional Payment Systems:

Excels Over Traditional Payment Systems

Youchamp presents a groundbreaking shift in the way we manage finances, offering a range of features that set it apart from traditional payment systems. Unlike conventional apps, Youchamp provides an intuitive user interface that not only simplifies transactions but also engages users with its visual appeal. The advanced algorithms of Youchamp enable effortless splitting of complex expenses, making it a game-changer for group transactions. Moreover, its integration of voice and video calling fosters real-time communication within the app, a dimension often missing in traditional systems.

One of Youchamp’s standout features is its fundraising capability, allowing users to initiate campaigns and retain 100% of contributions, transcending the transactional nature of traditional systems. Additionally, businesses find solace in Youchamp’s specialized payment system that reduces EFTPOS and transaction fees, directing funds toward growth rather than overhead.

Security, a paramount concern, is addressed with Youchamp’s stringent encryption and data protection protocols, elevating it above the security limitations of traditional systems. The summarized superiority of Youchamp lies in its holistic approach to financial interactions, integrating convenience, transparency, communication, fundraising, and security in a manner that surpasses the capabilities of traditional payment apps.

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Best 10 Money Management Tips for Teens


Financial literacy and money management skills are critical for her success and happiness. So this blog post is written for her and other teens in your life.

Write Down Your Needs vs. Your Wants.

 It’s easy to spend money. What’s not easy is spending money wisely. One way to help you spend money wisely is to separate your wants from your needs and spend money primarily on your needs. Try to think of the needs as immediate and what you will need in the next few months. Write down what you need with those costs in one column and write down what you want and those costs in another column. Ask yourself “Can I do without these wants?” and “Are there alternatives to my wants?”. For example, you have decided that you need a cell phone. Is a used cell phone an alternative to a brand new cell phone giving better money management to spend on other items you need? Writing them down helps you prioritize your spending.

Start the Savings Habit. 

Starting to set money management for the future aside now, while you are young, can start a lifetime of healthy savings. You brush your teeth twice a day and you don’t even think about it because it has become a healthy habit. So now, when you have any income, put away some money for the future. This will go towards goals such as buying a new software game (a short-term goal), a laptop computer (a longer-term goal), a rainy-day fund, and college expenses. A rainy-day fund can prepare you for unexpected opportunities such as going to see your favorite musician or attending a special school event. Once you have developed the savings habit, then later when you have any earned income from a job or a business, it comes naturally for you to save for the long term, including funding a Roth IRA for retirement.

Create a Budget.

You may already have some income from weekly allowances (say, $13 per week for a 13 years old), birthday money from relatives, and you may have a part-time job when you are older. As you create a monthly budget, start listing all your income first, then list savings and expenses.

“Pay Yourself First” means you must set your savings goals such as saving for a computer before listing fixed and variable expenses. Your total income should equal your total savings plus expenses. To balance the budget, you must focus on your discretionary expenses by spending money on the things or experiences that bring you joy and cutting out the expenses that may be impulse purchases such as candies and snacks from vending machines.

You must track how you spend money by writing them down on a notepad or using something like a money management app. You should regularly compare your actual expenses to your monthly budget, and make adjustments to stick to your budget. This is how your budget will help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. When you have more money saved, then you will get a debit card and start learning how to use a debit card and tracking expenses, perhaps by using free budgeting tools online such as youchamp app. A debit card lets you buy things online, but you must have enough money in the bank first, unlike a credit card. When you have developed a good habit of not spending the money you don’t have, then you can have a credit card to create a solid credit score over time.

Be Careful with Credit Cards.

When you go to college, you may find credit card companies often entice you to sign up for their credit cards. They will try to convince you that a credit card is like having free money for you to spend while you only pay the minimum amount each month. This money mindset can be very dangerous, as you are more likely to rack up credit card balances quickly and become inescapably trapped in a high-interest rate nightmare.

For example, a $3,000 credit card debt with an 18-percent interest rate will take nearly 22 years to pay off making only minimum payments, with more than $4,100 in interest charges accruing over that time! Before you charge the card, you must have the money in the bank to pay off the credit card balance on time each month. If you are late in payments, you will pay the late penalty and that will negatively affect your credit score. A high credit score lets you take out a car loan, or even a mortgage to buy your first home, at a low-interest rate in the future, saving money on the interest you will pay over time.

Be a Smart Shopper. 

Plan ahead weekly by making a list of groceries and stick to the list. Consider using recipes that use low-cost, healthy ingredients such as tuna, eggs, beans, and lentils. Eat before you shop to avoid impulse purchases. Compare prices online, especially on clothing and shoes. Take college classes in high school when they’re free or cheaper. Some day when you start looking for the right college, you will do more research online, talk to counselors and visit some colleges. By taking some AP classes now, you can finish college early and save tons of money.

Get a Job.

In order to increase your income and gain valuable life experience and better money management you can get a part-time job when you’re old enough, or start a side business that matches your skills and what you enjoy doing. If you like taking care of kids, you can be a babysitter. If you love dogs, you can walk dogs for your neighbors. Having these work experiences now will help you learn problem-solving and people skills which will enable you to find better jobs when you grow up. For more ideas, check out The Vector Impact’s Exhaustive Guide on making money as a teen.

Study Savings and Investments. 

Few people ever become wealthy based entirely on the salaries they earn. Savings and money management over time are what generate long-term prosperity. A savings account with a bank pays you interest, not high interest, but the money is liquid and safe so you can access it easily to pay for expenses in the short term. Investments (stocks, bonds, and real estate) can potentially earn higher returns over time but the value can vary greatly.

For example, if you have five to six years before college, you can use investments including stocks and bonds that may earn 4% to 6% annualized return instead of putting all your savings in a savings account, earning less than 1% interest. If your parents haven’t started a 529 plan (college savings plan) for you yet, discuss how much a 4-year college education will cost and how you can help to increase savings to the 529 plan because the money put in it can be invested and later withdrawals to pay qualified expenses are tax-free.

In addition to financial literacy courses in your school, you can use resources online such as to learn more.

Understand the Magic of Compounding.

Answer this trick question: “Would you rather have $10,000 per day for 30 days or a penny that doubled in value every day for 30 days?” Today, we know to choose the doubling penny, because, at the end of 30 days, we’d have about $5 million versus the $300,000 we’d have if we chose $10,000 per day.

Compound interest is often called the eighth wonder of the world, because it seems to possess magical powers, like turning a penny into $5 million. The great part about compound interest is that it applies to money, and it helps us to achieve our financial goals, such as becoming a millionaire, retiring comfortably, or being financially independent. In order to use the compound interest most effectively, you should start investing early, invest as much as possible, and attempt to earn a reasonable rate of return.

9. Time is On Your Side. 

The earlier you start investing, the better off you’ll be. Let’s consider the case of two investors, Lily and Anna, who’d like to become millionaires. Let’s say Lily put $2,000 per year into the market between the ages of 24 and 30, that she earned a 12% after-tax return, and that she continued to earn 12% per year until she retired at age 65. Anna also put in $2,000 per year, earned the same return, but waited until she was 30 to start and continued to invest $2,000 per year until she retired at age 65.

In the end, both would end up with about $1 million. However, Lily had to invest only $12,000 (i.e., $2,000 for six years), while Anna had to invest $72,000 ($2,000 for 36 years) or six times the amount that Lily invested, just for waiting only six years to start investing. It’s clear the magic of compounding can work magic when you have more time.

In addition, when you have more time, you have the capacity to take greater investment risks to aim for higher returns, because your portfolio has enough time to recover from stock market downturns.

10. Give Generously. 

When you share your toys and games with your friends, it’s a lot more fun than playing with them by yourself. There are many people in this world who are less fortunate and need some assistance to get back on their feet. In addition to giving to your church weekly, you can do some research online to find the causes you want to support by using  the Oktion App.

As you work on your monthly budget, consider allocating your income between these four categories: Save, Spend, Share, and Invest. You can start with 30% Save, 50% Spend, 10% Share, and 10% Invest.

You can always share your time to help others by volunteering and donating clothes, books, and toys to local charities. Ask your parents and the people you respect about the causes they support and get involved.

Be open to sharing your challenges in money management and paying for unexpected expenses. Setting good examples yourself by following disciplined savings and investing principles will help you raise financially savvy kids. Of course, your kids will make some mistakes and pay the price. That’s ok, as they will remember what you have taught them and after all, you will be cool again when they become adults and parents.

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Youchamp Is A Masterpiece For Making Direct Payments Easy

Youchamp is a masterpiece for making direct payments easy. Youchamp Pay Direct allows you to send money directly from your phone, in seconds, with no account number, BSB or account name required!

First of all, youchamp is the easiest way to share your money with friends and families.

Youchamp is a free app that makes it easy to pay friends, family and people you owe money to directly over your phone.

You can also use it if you’re selling something online. For example, if you sell something on Craigslist or eBay and need help with collecting payments from buyers – this is the perfect tool for this purpose!

It’s free money transfer feature makes sending and receiving money easy, fast and secure.

Youchamp is a masterpiece for making direct payments easy.

You can send money to anyone in your phonebook, even if they don’t have Youchamp yet. It’s free and secure! No need to give them your bank account number or BSB; just enter their mobile number and email address (if they have one) and away it goes! You don’t have to move between apps or log into different websites either – it all happens within the Youchamp app itself. And what’s more? The recipient doesn’t even need an account with us – any Australian can receive funds from us!

Your recipient gets an alert telling them they have received funds and you can even give them a call!

When you make a payment, your recipient will receive an alert telling them they have received funds. You can also call or message them directly from your Youchamp account. If you want to send them a photo or location, there’s no need to worry about finding one on your phone–just take a picture or record something while making the transaction and it’ll automatically be attached!

If gifs are more of your thing than photos (and who doesn’t love gifs?), then this feature is for you too: just select an animated image and send it off with ease!

All accounts are held by youchamp directly.

Youchamp is a direct bank, which means that all accounts are held by youchamp directly. This means that you can have complete control over your money and make payments in real time. Youchamp is also licensed as a financial institution under the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 307119, issued by ASIC – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This means we are regulated by APRA (the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority), who supervises our activities to ensure they meet strict standards of safety, soundness and efficiency at all times. Furthermore, we are members of the Australian Payments Network (APN), which allows us access to their network infrastructure so that we can send payments across Australia quickly and easily using any device or internet connection

There are no hidden fees or charges.

You can use Youchamp to make direct payments without having to enter any account details. There are no hidden fees or charges, and it works on iOS and Android devices. It’s available anywhere in Australia!

This means we can offer you the best rates in Australia on all of our transactions.

The best part about Youchamp is that you can send money to anyone, anywhere in Australia. Whether it’s your friends and family or someone who lives on the other side of the world, our service makes it easy for you to send money anywhere.

Youchamp also offers competitive rates on all its transactions. This means we can offer you the best rates in Australia on all of our transactions

Send money as a gift or for business purposes, or even just send it to a friend from overseas.

You can send money to anyone with a mobile phone number, email address or bank account. You can even use PayPal if you want!

It’s really easy to do: just enter the amount you wish to pay, choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions given by the service provider until your transaction is completed successfully.

How does it work?

Youchamp is a financial app that makes it easy to send money to anyone in Australia. It’s available on iOS and Android devices, and you can use it without having to register any personal information. You just need the recipient’s email address or phone number (or both), which makes Youchamp ideal for transferring small amounts between friends and family members.

Youchamp also has several features that make it ideal for businesses:

  • The ability to create invoices within the app;
  • The ability to track payments received; and
  • An option for merchants who want customers’ credit card details stored securely on their own servers rather than those of Youchamp or other third parties

It’s simple!

Youchamp is a simple and secure way to make a direct payment. There’s no need for an account number, BSB or account name. You don’t even need to worry about security because all payments are processed by the National Australia Bank (NAB).

There are also no fees involved when you use Youchamp – which means that you can send your friends and family money without having to worry about paying extra fees! And finally, it’s super easy for people who don’t have bank accounts: they simply enter their mobile number into the app or website then receive their money via text message within minutes!

What are the benefits of Youchamp Pay Direct?

  • Youchamp Pay Direct is easy to use. Just enter the amount you want to send, enter your recipient’s phone number, and click “Send Money Now.”
  • There are no hidden fees or charges for using Youchamp Pay Direct. Your recipient will receive 100% of their payment as soon as we receive your transaction from our bank.
  • You can send money directly from our website or app–there’s no need for a separate account or registration process! All of this means that sending money has never been simpler than with Youchamp Pay Direct.*

It’s easy to use and there are no hidden fees.

If you send money to someone who isn’t in your phone book, it’s as easy as entering their phone number or email address. Youchamp will automatically pull up the information for that person and ask for confirmation before sending the money.

You can also set up recurring payments for things like rent and utilities with just a few taps!

Youchamp works anywhere in Australia and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Youchamp is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to these countries, Youchamp also works on Android devices.

Youchamp makes easy direct pay friends, family.

You can pay anyone in your phone book and it’s easy to send money to people who aren’t in your phone book. You can also send funds to those who don’t have a Youchamp account, but they will need to sign up first before receiving the funds.

Youchamp makes it super easy for people without bank accounts or credit cards, as well as those who don’t want another credit card on their existing card statements (or want an alternative method for paying rent).

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to pay people directly, Youchamp is the perfect solution. You can use our app or website to send money in seconds, without having to wait in line at a bank or post office. With no hidden fees or charges, it’s also one of the cheapest ways around!

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5 ways to split bills during a field trip with friends

College students are known for their love of food, social outings, and staying out late. So if you’re looking to go on a trip with a large group of friends, chances are you’ll have to deal with the issue of splitting the bill at some point. But don’t worry! There are many ways to split a bill without stressing over it too much. This article will teach you how to split costs fairly and efficiently so that everyone can enjoy their time together without worrying about money.

Plan ahead.

The first step to splitting bills with friends is to plan ahead. You can avoid overspending and save money by planning your expenses in advance, especially if you’re going on a long trip or one that involves multiple stops along the way. If you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected costs, then figure out how much each person will pay before leaving home.

Planning ahead also helps with budgeting: if everyone knows how much their share of food or gas costs, then there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay at restaurants or gas stations!

In addition, having some idea about what kinds of expenses might come up during your trip will help ensure that everything goes smoothly when it comes time for payment–and this kind of preparation can also help prevent arguments between friends about who owes how much money (or vice versa).

Take turns paying.

The most obvious solution is to divide the bill evenly. This means that each person pays for their own meal and then you can choose where you want to eat. If you have a larger group, this might not be practical because it would take too long for everyone to pay individually.

However, splitting the bill evenly is still an option if you want some flexibility in how much each person pays. For example, if one person orders something more expensive than another person’s meal (like lobster), then he or she may be willing to pay more than half of what they ordered because they’re getting something special out of it!

Split the cost directly with each person.

  • Each person pays for what they ordered. This is the most straightforward option, but it can be difficult to keep track of who owes what if you have a large group.
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of who owes what. If you’re using this method, make sure that everyone has access to the spreadsheet so that they can check their own information against other people’s orders as soon as possible after returning from the field trip (so no one gets left out).
  • Write down everyone’s order and split the bill between you all equally at home later in the week or month–or even next year!

Use an app to split the bill.

Using an app to split the bill is a great way to keep track of who owes what. You can use the app’s built-in calculator, or enter your own numbers if you want something more specific.

The benefit of using an app is that it’s digital–so there’s no need for cash or credit cards (which means less chance of losing them). It also makes it easier for everyone involved because they don’t have to worry about writing down how much each person owes; they just enter their own portion into the app and let it do the math!

There are many ways to split a bill, but you don’t have to stress over it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of splitting a bill with friends. But there are plenty of ways to avoid this problem, and no matter what method you choose, your time together will be more enjoyable if everyone has fun.

  • Don’t worry about money: If you’re eating out with friends or family, don’t let finances dampen the experience! If it feels awkward at first (and let’s face it–it probably will), try focusing on something else while waiting for your food instead of staring at each other awkwardly over empty plates and half-finished drinks.
  • Don’t worry about the past: The past is over–you can’t change it anymore than anyone else can change theirs! Focus on where you are now and what could happen next instead of dwelling on past mistakes or bad memories from childhood days gone by…or even worse yet…days from last week!


There are many ways to split a bill, but you don’t have to stress over it. If you’re with friends and need help deciding how to pay, try one of these methods!

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How To Use the Youchamp App To Raise Money For Charity – FunRaise

The YouChamp app is a platform that allows anyone to raise money for their favorite charity. In this article, we will show you how to use the YouChamp app to raise money for charity.

How to use the YouChammp App To Raise Money For Charity

YouChammp is a free app and is available for iOS and Android. It’s a great way to raise money for charity, especially if you have kids. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t just give people an excuse to buy something they might not otherwise purchase. Instead, it encourages them to participate in fun challenges and contests while also raising money for their favorite cause! And if you don’t want your own personal information associated with your fundraising efforts (such as name or picture), then there’s no need–you can remain anonymous if desired!

What is FunRaise?

FunRaise is a fundraising platform that allows you to raise money for your cause, event or charity. It’s free and easy!

You can use FunRaise if you’re planning an event such as a charity walk or bake sale, but also if you want to fundraise in honor of someone who has passed away. You can even use this tool if you just want to help out with an existing fundraiser by pledging money towards it.

How to raise money with the youchamp app

The Youchamp app is so easy to use, you could be raising money for charity in minutes. Just follow these steps:

Create a challenge on the app and invite your friends and family to join it.

Share your video with them through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp (or another messaging app), then ask them to donate using PayPal or their credit card via their phone’s browser.

What is a Challenge?

A challenge is a way to raise money for charity by asking your friends and family to donate to you. You can create a challenge at any time, with any amount of money. Challenges are fun, easy ways to raise money for charity!

How to create a challenge in the youchamp app?

To create a challenge, you’ll first need to download the YouChammp app (available on both iOS and Android). Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

Go to “Create Challenge” and select “Custom Challenge”.

Add friends and family members who can join in your fundraising efforts by adding their email addresses or phone numbers. If they don’t have an account yet, they’ll be prompted to create one so they can get involved in your cause!

Add a video message for your supporters by tapping on “Add Video Message”. This is where you can talk about why this cause is important to you personally as well as share some background info about yourself or what inspired this particular charity initiative. We recommend keeping it short but sweet–no more than 15 seconds long!

Select which charity organization(ies) will benefit from this fundraiser by selecting one from our list of supported charities (or entering in another organization). Then enter how much money should be raised during this campaign period so we know how much work needs done before reaching our goal amount has been reached! Finally set up an end date when this contest ends so there aren’t any further delays after funding goals have been met.”

How to add your friends and family in the challenge?

Now that you have created your challenge, it’s time to share it with your friends and family. To add people to your challenge:

Open the app and tap on “My Challenges” at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on “Add Friends & Family.” This will bring up a list of all your contacts who have YouChamp installed on their phones. You can also add other people by typing in an email address or phone number manually if they don’t have YouChamp yet!

Are there any fees or charges for using the youchamp app to raise money for charity?

No, there are no fees or charges for using the youchamp app to raise money for charity.We hope this article has helped you understand how to use the YouChammp App to raise money for charity

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School Holidays Bill Split App

It’s that time of year again. School’s out for the winter! Why not download youchamp and use it to get your school holiday plans and activities together?

youchamp will prepare you for the next two weeks and help you make special family memories. No matter where or how you choose to send the school holidays.


youchamp will take care of all the fine details in your holiday planning while you make the most of creating happy memories with loved ones.

Come together with your family and friends and begin the school holidays in the best way with youchamp!



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Business Payment App

Are you a business owner or know someone who is?

bizchamp is helping businesses to save on transaction fees, EFTPOS costs and remove the hassle of sharing bank details and following up phone calls.

bizchamp is completely free to set up and use – and we charge no subscription fees ever. It’s the perfect solution for all small business owners!


How get started:

1. Sign up to youchamp and receive a free sticker to advertise that you’re a bizchamp business.
2. Setup your business profile in youchamp to generate a QR code.
3. Your customers can scan this QR code to quickly pay for your products or services.
4. You’ll receive a notification to confirm that you have been paid.


Sign up to youchamp now and become a bizchamp! Join our growing community to save money and create loyal, happy customers.




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youchamp FunRaise App

In a world where you can be anything, be kind ✨

youchamp is helping you give back to those who need it most. With youchamp FunRaise, you can now raise money to donate directly to your chosen cause.

Keep 100% of the funds you raise with us. We’ll never charge you any fees to raise funds through youchamp.


Start raising funds within seconds!

1. Invite friends and family to your FunRaise and choose a target amount to raise.

2. Give your FunRaise a description and select an end date.

3. Share your FunRaise with as many people as you like. Just press the ‘share’ button!


youchamp makes it easier than ever to do some good and encourage your loved ones to do the same!

Download youchamp today and begin supporting important causes with your friends, family and colleagues.


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youchamp 3.0 is Here

Our MASSIVE youchamp 3.0 update is here!

After quietly analysing your feedback and running extensive tests, we are proud to announce the launch of the newest version of youchamp.


User interface
youchamp has a sleek new design that makes keeping up with your loved ones easier than ever before.

User experience
We’ve improved our the way our money manager works, so you can take control of your expenses without any hassle.

Receipt scanning
Got a group expense? Scan and upload your receipt and let everyone easily pick and choose what they pay for.

Business payments
Businesses can save money on EFTPOS and transactions fees by using youchamp’s business payment system.

Start a free crowdfunding or fundraising campaign in youchamp and keep 100% of what you raise with us.


youchamp 3.0 is available now on the App Store and Play Store. Download the update today and start using youchamp to manage all your social expenses.

We can’t wait to find out what you think!

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Track All Your Expenses With An App

Looking for a way to send high quality pictures and videos to your loved ones? Say goodbye to blurriness, because youchamp lets you send uncompressed files via instant messaging!




In other apps, videos and other large media don’t do well over text. You have to upload it to a file hosting platform and then generate a link and then give that link to your friend. We’re exhausted just thinking about it!

In youchamp you can send unlimited uncompressed files – with no quality lost!

Now you can share your favourite memories in HD. Download youchamp now and enjoy those special moments in time.