youchamp FunRaise App

In a world where you can be anything, be kind ✨

youchamp is helping you give back to those who need it most. With youchamp FunRaise, you can now raise money to donate directly to your chosen cause.

Keep 100% of the funds you raise with us. We’ll never charge you any fees to raise funds through youchamp.


Start raising funds within seconds!

1. Invite friends and family to your FunRaise and choose a target amount to raise.

2. Give your FunRaise a description and select an end date.

3. Share your FunRaise with as many people as you like. Just press the ‘share’ button!


youchamp makes it easier than ever to do some good and encourage your loved ones to do the same!

Download youchamp today and begin supporting important causes with your friends, family and colleagues.


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