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Are you sick of getting stuck with the bill all the time?

With youchamp you can create groups and share costs and expenses with your friends. You’ll never miss out on being paid for anything again. Use it when you have dinner with a group and easily create an equal split group for your friends to pay you by cash, direct debit or credit card.

Organise gifts for friends, family and co-workers.

Next time you are organising a gift for someone, create a group and let people donate what they want. Don’t set a target amount and you can simply claim the cash whenever you are ready to buy. Get notifications and see clearly how much has been raised and who has contributed. And let others see you for the reliable, bill paying, contributing all round champ you are!

Chat in the group to organise and share costs.

There is no limit to what you can organise with youchamp. Organise your household bill payments, holidays, gifts, split dinner bills and anything else you can think of. Never forget to pay your share again, and secure your place on the invitation list of all the hottest parties in town.


why use split bill app

By using the chat function, you can make sure everyone knows what they are paying and how much they need to contribute.

You can add images and videos to make sure your bill splitting is completely argument free and everything is completely transparent to everyone. Check the group details to see all the information that you need as either an organiser or an invitee. Whether you need to split a total evenly, or everyone is paying their own way, youchamp makes it easy and painless to pay by cash, direct debit or even credit card.

So, aim to reach youchamp star status (bestowed on really, really, really, quick paying champs) … and download the bill splitting app today.


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All the information on how to split group expenses and share costs.

youchamp makes it easy to manage any type of payment splitting and allows you to pay your friends by credit card, cash or direct debit.

  • Create a group and invite your friends

  • Have no specific target, or enter a target amount
  • Invitees make their payment
  • The Arranger claims the money and closes the group

  • youchamp is completely free to use for amounts of under $100. A processing fee of $1 for any group value between $100-$499, $5 for any group value between $500-$2,499, $10 for any group value above $2,500.

  • As soon as you claim the money and close the group, we’ll transfer any outstanding funds to your bank account minus our processing fee, if there is any.


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