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Creating a fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign through the youchamp ‘go fund my cause’ app is an easy and effective way to raise money for the causes you care about. Invite your friends and family to your fundraising campaign and decide how much you would like to raise. Choose when you’d like your online fundraiser to end and give it a description. youchamp will help you to generate more donations by allowing you to share your fundraiser with as many people as you like.

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Anybody can raise funds with youchamp! You can create your own FunRaiser with the press of a button, get notified on payments and thank your supporters instantly within the app. youchamp also allows you to track your fundraising results and how much more you still need to raise for your cause. It is one of the easiest online fundraising platforms. At the end of your online crowdfunding campaign, the money you’ve raised in youchamp will be transferred directly into your nominated bank account.


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