Sydney! The name entices every traveller in the world. Adorned with best of museums, shopping arcades, nature parks, posh streets, art galleries, and swanky restaurants; Sydney bustles with tourists all the time. People visiting this amazing Australian city enjoy safaris, cruises, shopping, and nightlife but very few even know that Sydney also has several camping spots to explore. Camping in Sydney may not be as popular as others but worth a shot for all the adventure enthusiasts.

10 Camping Spots In and Around Sydney

Heads up adventure freaks! Check out these spots for camping in Sydney and entice the thrill lover in you.

1. Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

One of the most popular and most well-equipped places for camping in Sydney is Cockatoo Island. Located right at the waterfront, overlooking the gorgeous Sydney harbor, this place enthralls both locals and tourists and remains bustling during the weekend. Cockatoo Island camping ground offers well-appointed deluxe tents and you can even bring your tent and camping gear. With cafes, barbeque facilities, shower facilities, and communal kitchen spaces; camping in Cockatoo Island is a delightful experience with no one should miss out on.

Location: Cockatoo Island Campground, Woolwich NSW, Sydney 2110, Australia
Things to do: Enjoy stunning views of Sydney Harbour, watch sunset and day picnic
Average cost: $ 45/night

2. The Basin KU Ring Guy Campground

The Basin KU Ring Guy Campground

Popular as one of the best camping grounds in Sydney, located within Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. With scenic views all around, overlooking Pittwater lagoon, camping here is the utmost fun and thrill. This campground is accessible by trekking. You need to park your vehicle at West Head Road and trek for about 2.8 km through forests to reach this camping place in Sydney. Alternatively, you can also reach The Basin KU Ring Guy campground in ferry and water taxi that departs from Palm Beach Wharf. Pitch your tent and enjoy some refreshing moments here.

Location: Basin Trail, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase NSW 2084, Australia
Things to do: Swimming and biking
Average cost: $ 34/night

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3. Diamond Head Campground

Diamond Head Campground

NOTE: The image is for representation purpose only.


Diamond Head Campground offers tents, motorhomes, camper trailers, caravan sites and campervans and facilities like barbeque stations, picnic tables, and showers and parking, make camping here hassle-free and fun. Located within Crowdy Bay National Park, this is one of the best beachside camping places in Sydney, overlooking the mighty Split Rock.

Location: 763 Diamond Head Rd, Diamond Head, Sydney, NSW 2443, Australia
Things to do: Hiking and bird watching
Average cost: $ 24/night

4. Cattai Campground

Cattai Campground

Image Source

Wake up to the chirping of birds and freshness of cool breeze at Cattai Campground, right next to the Hawkesbury River. The place offers sprawling picnic and barbeque areas where one can park their caravan and enjoy it. For those who wish to stay overnight, the place has facilities of a camper trailer, tents, and motorhomes along with shower and toilet, drinking water and firewood supplies. Enjoy some fun moments with friends and family and trek to Cattai Homestead, located close by.

Location: Rundells Trail, Cattai, NSW 2756, Australia
Things to do: Biking, trekking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking
Average cost: $ 20/night


5. Mill Creek Campground

Mill Creek Campground

Surrounded by lush green rainforests and eucalyptus forests and sandstone cliffs, Mill Creek Campground is another place for weekend camping in Sydney. Enjoy camping in motorhomes, camps and caravans and spot amazing wildlife like lyrebirds, bellbirds, goannas and wombats and wallaroos.

Location: Mill Creek Rd, Gunderman NSW 2775, Australia
Things to do: Hiking to Old Great North Road, part of the Convict Sites of Australia World Heritage Area.
Average cost: $40/night

Bouddi National Park

Image Source

Ideal for picnics, hiking, and camping; Bouddi National Park is the perfect place for thrill lovers. With three types of camping areas namely Putty Beach Campground, Little Beach Campground, and Tallow Beach Campground; this area is endowed with splendid natural beauty. Pitch your tent and enjoy stunning views of the ocean, indulge in beach walk or enjoy biking in the forests.

Location: Gosford, Sydney, Australia
Things to do: Coastal walk, swimming, and fishing
Average cost: $18/night

7. Uloola Falls Campground

Uloola Falls Campground

It sounds surreal and enthralling to camp beside a gorgeous cascade amid thick forests. Located amid Royal National Park, Uloola Falls Campground offers enthralling tent and backpacker’s camping facilities. One needs to trek through Uloola walking track and Karloo walking track to reach the campground of Uloola Falls. Enjoy splashes of cool water as the cascade drops or if you are adventurous, try swimming in the rocky plunge pool below.

Location: 2 Lady Carrington Dr, Audley, Royal National Park, NSW NSW 2233, Australia
Things to do: Mountain biking and cycling
Average cost: $5/night

8. Euroka Campground

If you are after adventure and thrill, Euroka Campground is for you. Euroka Campground has 5 camping spots namely Appletree Flat, Red Gum, Nioka, Bennett Ridge and Darug and they can together accommodate up to 40 camps. Nestled on the banks of the Nepean River, this camp near Sydney is perfect for tent camping.

Location: Fern Glen Walking Track, Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787, Australia
Things to do: Swimming, picnic, and fishing
Average cost: $ 20/night

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9. Frazer Campground

Frazer Campground

Image Source

This is a cozy and secluded camping spots in Sydney, located close to Frazer Beach. With stunning views of the sea, this place has access to a nearby creek where one can chill out and relax. This campground with 6 sites has gated access and is open from 7 am to 7 pm. Bring your tent and pitch it beside your vehicle and enjoy a peaceful and enthralling weekend.

Location: Frazer Beach Road, Frazer Park NSW 2259, Australia
Things to do: Swimming and creek fishing.
Average cost: $8/night

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10. Mirang Pool Campground

Mirang Pool Campground

Image Source

Settled at the end of Heathcote National Park, this place is accessed only by foot by climbing down the steps from Heathcote Train Station. This is a cozy and serene camp place and can accommodate 12 camps. Bring your camping gear., food and water because there is no such shop on the way.

Location: Pipeline Trail, Heathcote NSW 2233, Australia
Things to do: Swimming and hiking
Average cost: $12 /night


Best Sydney Weekend Getaways Unvieled: A 2023 Guide

Escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney getaway and embark on unforgettable weekend getaways. Whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat, family adventure, or a beach lover’s paradise, we’ve curated a list of top destinations within a short drive of Sydney. From hidden gems like Scotland Island to coastal havens like Avalon Beach and Palm Beach, and even the tranquil waters of the Hawkesbury River, these weekend getaways are bound to leave you rejuvenated and yearning for more.

  1. Scotland Island (40 min drive) Perfect for: Couples seeking a serene escape.

Discover the hidden gem of Scotland Island, nestled in the breathtaking Pittwater region. This idyllic Sydney getaway offers tranquillity and picturesque surroundings. Explore nearby beaches by hiring a kayak, take a leisurely walk around the island, or simply unwind on a jetty while soaking in a mesmerizing sunset.

Where to stay on Scotland Island: Scotland Island Lodge – Enjoy a delightful stay at this charming lodge, managed by a friendly British couple. Don’t miss the room with an outdoor spa for an extra touch of relaxation.

Public Transport friendly? Yes! Catch a bus to Church Point, followed by a scenic 10-minute ferry ride to Scotland Island. If driving, paid parking is available at the wharf or free parking is located a short distance away.

  1. Avalon Beach (45 min drive) Perfect for: Beach lovers craving a coastal getaway.

Indulge in the beauty of Avalon Beach, one of the most captivating spots on the Northern Beaches. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene, exploring shops, cafes, and restaurants along Old Barrenjoey Road. For a change of scenery, venture to nearby Pittwater and discover family-friendly Clareville Beach or the serene Paradise Beach for a quieter swimming experience.

Where to stay in Avalon Beach:

  • Camping: NRMA Lakeside Caravan Park
  • Mid-Range: Metro Mirage Hotel In Newport, Scandi Beach Apartment
  • Luxury: Avalon Pool Shack

Public Transport friendly? Yes! Although multiple buses are required to reach Avalon Beach, public transport is available.

  1. Palm Beach (1 hr drive) Perfect for Beach lovers, campers, foodies, and hikers

Palm Beach is not just a fantastic day trip option; it also offers an ideal weekend getaway from Sydney. Take a boat ride to Great Mackerel Beach, explore walking trails leading to Resolute Beach, and visit The Bible Garden for a serene experience. Engage in paddleboarding at Clareville or hike up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse for breathtaking views.

Where to stay in Palm Beach:

  • Camping: The Basin Campground
  • Budget: YHA Pittwater, Sandy Bottoms Guesthouse
  • Mid-Range: The Retreat At Palm Beach
  • Luxury: Iluka Retreat Apartments, Lilypad House Boat
  1. Hawkesbury River (1 hr drive to Brooklyn) Perfect for: Affordable cruises and houseboat experiences

Uncover the hidden gem of Hawkesbury River, offering an array of relaxing activities for all. Join the Riverboat Postman Cruise, assisting in the delivery of mail to residents along the river, which includes morning tea or lunch. Explore Dangar Island’s walking trails or rent a kayak for further exploration.

Where to stay in Hawkesbury River:

  • Budget: Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley
  • Mid-Range to Luxury: Hire a houseboat.

Public Transport friendly? Easily accessible via a 1-hour train journey to Brooklyn Station, conveniently located opposite the Riverboat Postman cruise.

Escape the city and embark on a memorable weekend getaway from Sydney. Whether you seek relaxation or coastal adventures.

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