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I know you love hearing from me every week. You wait for that email to pop into your inbox from Champy!

Well, this week a lot has happened in the youchamp world. We had another successful launch of our app at one of the WeWork offices in Sydney. This time we gave everyone popcorn and they loved it.

We want to congratulate all of the Champy t-shirt winners so far. You’ll receive the most awesome gift in the mail very soon. To everyone else, make sure you create and claim a group so you can claim your amazing t-shirt.


Most importantly, in my last email to you I talked about the POLIPayments integration. Well, I am super duper excited to announce that youchamp is now functioning in partnership with POLIPayments. This means you don’t even have to leave the best app on the planet to make payments from your bank account to your friends. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

Our updated version will be launching on Tuesday next week. Make sure you download it as soon as it’s available to gain access to this new payment method and keep sharing.

To find out more about POLIPayments, please head to

Thank you,


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WeWork Launch Event

Champy here again with your weekly update of what’s going on with me.

Did you know we’re having another launch event at WeWork in Martin Place next week on Thursday 15th March? We’ll be giving out popcorn to all our new and old users of youchamp between 1pm and 4 pm. Anyone who shows us that they have signed up to use the benefits of youchamp will receive some yummy yummy popcorn.

youchamp app

Not only that, we’ve also extended our t-shirt competition and we now have another 20 t-shirts to give away. Simply create a group, create some memories, claim the group and we’ll contact you to give you an awesome youchamp t-shirt featuring me, Champy!

By the way, don’t tell anyone (actually, tell everyone), we’re also super excited to announce the implementation of PoliPay directly into youchamp! You heard me, that means you don’t even have to go to your bank account app to complete a direct debit anymore. You’ll be able to just hit the PoliPay button and transfer what you owe straight from youchamp. That’s why youchamp is the BEST BILL SPLITTING APP ON THE MARKET! Because we want to make everything super convenient for you.

So, get sharing, because sharing is caring.

See you in the app,


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Help Us Promote youchamp

I’ve been talking to the team at DigiGround and they are so sad. I don’t know what to do. It seems like they’ve sent out 400 or more emails to their close friends and family, and only 100 of them have downloaded and signed up to youchamp.


With youchamp, you can avoid serious talks about sharing between friends, colleagues, co-workers and family. There are so many benefits to using the split bill app including making us happy. Your friends at DigiGround have invested so much of their time in making something awesome for you to use.

So, I am requesting you to make them smile. Download the expense management app and sign up now on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and let’s get that Champy smile back.

Big kudos to all those hundreds of other people that have actually downloaded and started using the application, that’s how you support your friends and family. Well done to those champions. To everyone else, download it now and become a champion.

See you in youchamp.