Facial Recognition Enabled

Happy Easter! We hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and making lots of new memories with your friends. We encourage you to make the most of this holiday, so get out there and start being champions.

As you know, lots of great updates came to youchamp last week. We’re super excited about enabling facial recognition and fingerprint login. It makes youchamp even MORE secure, so you can give your phone to a friend (or anyone else) and not worry that they’ll use your youchamp account. It also makes logins faster and smoother. How awesome is that?


While you’re here, would you like to win one of our Champy t-shirts? All you need to do is create a new group with your friends, use it to make payments, and share holiday expenses with friends. But do it quick! Only the first 5 groups that claim will receive this awesome gift.

Thank you,


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