WeWork Launch Event

Champy here again with your weekly update of what’s going on with me.

Did you know we’re having another launch event at WeWork in Martin Place next week on Thursday 15th March? We’ll be giving out popcorn to all our new and old users of youchamp between 1pm and 4 pm. Anyone who shows us that they have signed up to use the benefits of youchamp will receive some yummy yummy popcorn.

youchamp app

Not only that, we’ve also extended our t-shirt competition and we now have another 20 t-shirts to give away. Simply create a group, create some memories, claim the group and we’ll contact you to give you an awesome youchamp t-shirt featuring me, Champy!

By the way, don’t tell anyone (actually, tell everyone), we’re also super excited to announce the implementation of PoliPay directly into youchamp! You heard me, that means you don’t even have to go to your bank account app to complete a direct debit anymore. You’ll be able to just hit the PoliPay button and transfer what you owe straight from youchamp. That’s why youchamp is the BEST BILL SPLITTING APP ON THE MARKET! Because we want to make everything super convenient for you.

So, get sharing, because sharing is caring.

See you in the app,


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