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Sick of getting stuck with the bill? With youchamp you can create groups and organise split payments with your friends. You’ll never miss out on being paid for anything again. Use it when you have a dinner with a group and easily create an equal split group for your friends to pay you by cash, direct debit or credit card.

Next time you are organising a gift for someone, create a group and let people donate what they want. Don’t set a target amount and you can simply claim the cash whenever you are ready to buy. Get notifications and see clearly how much has been raised and who has contributed. And let others see you for the reliable, bill paying, contributing all round champ you are!

Chat in the group to organise different payments. There is no limit to what you can organise with youchamp. Organise your household bill payments, holidays, gifts, split dinner bills and anything else you can think of. Never forget to pay your share again and secure your place on the invitation list of all the hottest parties in town.

How youchamp works

Start and join new group

The ability to start or join groups makes it easy to split expenses between multiple people. Create custom groups to send instant messages.

Track when someone pays

Keep track of your expenses by attaching notes and images of receipts. You’ll receive a notification every time someone in your group pays.

Pay by cash or card

You are no longer limited to paying your friends back by cash or bank transfer. You now have the option to pay your friends by credit card.

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