youchamp is changing the way you share group costs


Share everything you need straight from the palm of your hand! youchamp allows you to split the bill for breakfast, lunch and dinner, share household expenses and figure out the costs from your recent group trip. No matter what mobile device you use, you can share it all with youchamp. Here are just some of the ways youchamp is changing the way you share group costs.

Need to split group costs while you’re on the go? No worries! Youchamp allows you to whip out your mobile device and split the bill among all the members of your group. You can calculate separate amounts for everyone or split the bill equally if it’s appropriate. You can share the costs with an unlimited number of friends, and there’s no limit to what you can share through youchamp!

Youchamp simplifies the task of managing expenses amongst a group of people you hang out with on a regular basis. Create a youchamp group with the people you see the most. Every time you have a new bill to settle, simply create a new expense in the expense management section of your group chat. You can establish these groups among your office colleagues, family members, roommates and more. Keep a running tab of how much everyone is spending!

Have you ever encountered a restaurant that doesn’t allow split bills? Yep, it’s a common occurrence! Next time, instead of searching your pockets for change or promising your friends you’ll pay for the meal next time, simply split the costs in youchamp. We’re keeping it fair and helping you make sure that no one in your group is left out of pocket!

We love youchamp and you will too. Make sure you download the app today on the App Store or Play Store.

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