youchamp is an expense management app


Sick of always getting stuck with the bill? youchamp is an expense management app making it easy to manage any type of payment splitting and allows you to pay your friends by credit card, cash or direct debit.

There is no limit to what you can organise with youchamp. Organise your household bill payments, holidays, gifts, split dinner bills and anything else you can think of. You can also use it to receive funds, so your friends can send you money with just a simple tap of a button.

There are some similar international competitors to youchamp, however, youchamp offers everything they offer and more. youchamp is a versatile application that covers every type of scenario needed to manage any type of expense or payment behaviour. For example, BeemIt offers credit card payments and Finch uses Finch Dollars rather than real currency. youchamp gives the user a range of payment options, including cash. Splitwise is the only competitor that offers recurring expenses and automatic reminders It does not offer in-app payments. youchamp is the only application of its kind that offers chat, working on creating cheap international transfers and allows payments to people without an account.

With youchamp app, you can create groups and organise split payments with your friends. You’ll never miss out on being paid for anything again. Use it when you have a dinner with a group and easily create an equal split group for your friends to pay you by cash, direct debit or card. Download our app for free! Visit the App Store or Play Store to download and sign up to youchamp. Start sharing and caring!

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