Splitting the Bill with Friends

Champy is super excited for October because – guess what? The Sydney Night Noodle Markets are back!

The crowds can get a bit much, but you can make it a fun night with youchamp! Round up your friends and make some room in your stomach for all the delicious Asian street food you’ll enjoy.

The Night Noodle Markets are cash-free, so you better get your youchamp app ready. Make things quick and easy by getting your friends to chip in for food in advance. Download the youchamp app now so you and your friends spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the night!

Don’t let the gloomy weather keep you down! Head out with your friends for a fun-filled night of good food, bright lights and happy people – all in the one place. The markets will be running from tonight right up until October 21. So, go out, make memories and have one of the most magical nights in Sydney with youchamp.

Thank you,


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