Split Bills with your Roommates

Anyone with flatmates knows that as awesome as they are, they aren’t always sharing and caring. If you’re looking for a way to get your flatmates to be considerate, you’re in luck! youchamp is on your side with all the features you need to share household expenses.

youchamp makes it super easy to invite all your flatmates to make a payment. They don’t even need to download youchamp! Invite them via the youchamp website. Or there’s always the option of downloading it!

Set up your sharehouse group by entering your total bill amount and split equally amongst yourselves. Champy does all the maths for you, sends your flatmates texts and notifications and nags them with reminders. Upload a copy of the bill so everything is squeaky clean and pay/collect in the youchamp app.

Wow! Gone are the days of awkwardly begging your flatmates to pay their share of the bill. Now you can save the meaningful aspects of your relationships and let youchamp deal with the boring bits!

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