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Congrats on making it through the winter! Is it just Champy, or does it seem longer and colder every year? With warmer weather on the way, you might be thinking about how to come out of hibernation and reacquaint yourself with your friends.

The birds are singing, and the sun is shining. Jump out of your winter coat and welcome in the new season with youchamp! What better way to transition to spring than a day out at the races?

Spring racing season is here, and youchamp will get you and your friends ready to hit the track and create some memories!


Start a new youchamp group so your friends can decide which race day to attend. While you’re at it, you can chip in for your tickets, get your drink and food money sorted or plan your race day outfits. And if you’re a serious punter, youchamp is the perfect place to do a betting pool!

If you want a truly memorable spring racing adventure, you’re gonna want to get your friends into youchamp. Spring the youchamp app on your friends – if they don’t already have it. Showing you care about their company is the best way to begin your spring.

Have a happy Spring,


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