Raise and Share Charity Donations

In ancient times, champions were warriors. They were courageous, visionary, passionate and completely selfless – working for the higher good of their people. These days, you don’t need to be a warrior to become a champion. You have the power to choose to be a champion or to be ordinary.

Bring your friends together
Take some initiative and enlist your friends to raise funds and share the happiness. youchamp makes it super easy for you to set up a fundraising group and get things going! Just make sure that you include a description within the group, so your friends know all about the plan!

Helping others and encouraging others are acts of kindness that have more meaning than you might realise. Fundraising efforts may sometimes be small, but they’re an impactful way to share happiness with those around you.

“You have the power to choose to be a champion or to be ordinary.”

Find a cause
Once you’ve brought your friends together, it’s time to pick a cause you care about! With so many out there who need your help, it can be difficult to choose a cause to support. You and your friends can use youchamp to discuss which causes are close to them, or even find a local charity to help.

Raise money with youchamp
Encourage your friends to donate any amount they like. Remind them that their share is valued, no matter how big or small it may be. Once everyone has added their share to youchamp, you can then become a champion for others by donating the money towards your cause.

It takes inches, not miles, to become a champion! You don’t need to raise thousands of dollars, cure an illness or start your own non-profit. Even the smallest good deed can ignite change and positively impact others by renewing their sense of hope.


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