Split Everything with youchamp


We all love spending time on the weekend with the people we love. But what we don’t like is when the awkward bits get in the way of our fun. To make your time together as great as it can be, use youchamp for all your bill splitting, payment making and memory sharing needs. Here are just a few of the items and activities you can share with youchamp.


Split holiday costs

When you’re on holidays, you want to be spending time relaxing and enjoying yourself – not thinking about finances. Thankfully with youchamp, you and your friends can simply keep a running tally of who has spent money for what. At the end of the trip, youchamp will offset the amounts and everybody can pay their dues accordingly.


Split dinner bills

Group eating can strengthen friendships. And the best way to make that happen is with youchamp. An equal split payment in youchamp is the easiest and least awkward way to deal with the group dinner bill. However, make sure that everyone is happy to do so. Otherwise, there’s always the option of paying for what you ordered.


Split a group present

The older we get, the more expensive our presents get. Gone are the days of $5 toys. Now your friends want mobile phones, smart watches and tablets. To keep everybody happy, why not split an expensive gift amongst your friendship group or family? That way everybody gets the chance to contribute to purchasing a special gift for someone they care about.


Split event payments

Do you have a special celebration coming up? You can save yourself money by splitting the costs with your guests or fellow event organisers in youchamp. Example, you can pay for the venue, while your mate pays for the food and your brother organises the entertainment. You can split these costs between yourselves after the event, when you can afford to do so, rather than having to pay for everything yourself up front.


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