Different Ways to Split Bills on youchamp


You’ve had your group dinner, made some meaningful connections and created some special memories. Now the dinner bill has been placed on the table and you’re all staring at it, waiting for someone to approach the matter at hand.

How are we splitting the group dinner bill?

Equal split the group dinner bill

Thanks to youchamp, you’ll no longer be left out of pocket! If you volunteer to pay the bill, your friends can pay you back using the youchamp app. The payments can be made instantly with a credit card, so there’s no need for your friends to wait to pay you back. Simply go to the expense management section, enter the bill total, select the contributors and press the ‘equal split’ button. If you’re concerned about the trustworthiness of your friends, don’t worry: not only can you see who’s paid for what, but we’ll also send out reminders to anybody who still owes you.

Direct pay the volunteer

A quick way to settle the bill is by volunteering to pay the bill yourself and requesting everyone else to direct pay you in youchamp. You won’t need to set up a new youchamp group either! Your friends can pay you with credit card using just your phone number. That means no BSB numbers, no account numbers and no fiddling around with banking apps.

Split unequally (only pay for what you ordered)

In the expense management section of the app, enter the total price of the bill and select your contributors. Now, you can enter the amounts everybody owes, or you can allow your group members to choose for themselves. We suggest including an image of the receipt to make this easier!

youchamp allows you to only pay in the way you feel most comfortable. Download the youchamp app today and experience a great way to share.

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