youchamp v2.0 update


Your feedback has been received and your voices have been heard! We’ve been hard at work these past few months, bringing lots of exciting new changes to the youchamp app. We’re so excited to announce that youchamp 2.0 is available on both iPhone and Android!


youchamp 2.0 has been developed with user-friendly navigation and a fresh new look, updated with the latest mobile technology. The aim of our youchamp update is to make sharing with your friends even easier. The new design and structure improve its usability, making it easier for you to find what you need.

We wanted to give our youchamp users the opportunity to keep track of how much they’re spending and how much their friends owe them. In the Payments section, you’ll see the expenses you are owed or owing, and within the chat groups, you can find a separate expense management section. This enables you to share costs any way you like, with as many people you like. And you’ll never go over your budget because you can see how much you’re spending in the expense management section.

You’ll find the youchamp app has a new direct payment section. We moved the payment feature to this section so you can easily make or view payments. We know you hate logging into your bank app and manually entering bank account details. That’s why we’ve partnered with POLi Payments and Stripe so you can pay and get paid directly in youchamp with the simple press of a button. No more logging into banking apps – with youchamp, you can now make direct payments with just a phone number!

We are incredibly proud of the app we have developed and hope you enjoy using its new features. We are continuously working on making youchamp the best application for bill splitting and expense management. Follow our youchamp social media pages to stay in the loop.

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