Share Household Bills


The youchamp app is a great way to keep living expenses low. When one or more of your roommates aren’t pulling their weight, the youchamp app is here to make sure your savings don’t evaporate.

When the electricity and water bills come around, input the information into a new youchamp expense and select who needs to pay for what. You can choose to split the bill equally or use youchamp to work out how to divide the bill. For example, you can split the bill based on who uses the most electricity or whether someone has a private or shared bathroom.

Use your household youchamp group to share photos of the bills that you’re splitting amongst yourselves. This includes your shared groceries, rent and utilities. youchamp requires that one person pays for the entire bill and then seeks IOUs. youchamp will send automatic payment reminders to anyone who still needs to pay you back. Payments can be made quickly and automatically within the app, and your money will appear in your bank account within a couple of days.

Not only does youchamp app help you settle single IOUs, but it also keeps keep of how much everybody has paid. youchamp also allows users to offset payments, preventing unnecessary back and forth between roommates.

youchamp app is the way to go. For share houses, start by making that everyone has downloaded the youchamp app from the Play Store or App Store. Then set up a new ‘household’ group. youchamp allows instant direct payments between users, expense management and split billing. Not only can you transfer money between youchamp users, but you can also send amounts to those who don’t yet have an account. All they need to do is sign up to the app to access their money. youchamp is easy as!

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