Split Expenses with an App


Unlike most other chat apps, youchamp isn’t JUST a chat app. There are other fantastic functions that don’t appear in other popular chat applications. With youchamp you don’t just organise your memories and events, you can add the bills and split expenses amongst your friends and family members. You can EVEN pay your friends directly within the app. This amazing chat application can do it all. What we are most excited about is our intelligent assistant called Champy. You can ask Champy questions and he’ll always be happy to help you and manage all your chasing up for you.

youchamp allows you the ease of paying your friends and family members or other youchamp members without the hassle of knowing bank account details or adding them to groups. If you have their phone number or email address you can go to the Pay Direct section and send them funds straight from the app. Just find them in your contact list, enter the amount you want to pay, and youchamp will do the rest. You can pay by credit card or use cash or direct debit options.

youchamp is the easiest way to transfer funds to anyone. youchamp is a chat app, a split expenses app and a money transferring app all in one. You can also use it to receive funds, so your friends can send you money with just a simple tap of a button. 

Champy is an automated chat bot ready and willing to help you with whatever you need from youchamp. You can ask Champy a question and hell happily provide you with the answer and if he doesnt know it, hell learn. Chatting with Champy is checked regularly by our team members and they can teach him whatever he needs to know. 

Champy is also here to remind you when you need to pay someone something, or if they owe you. Champy will send them a message, reminding them that they need to pay what they owe and will be so polite about it, they will be happy to make the payment. 

Champy also sends regular updates to his friends (which is you) letting them know what is happening in the world and helping everyone with the best way to use youchamp.

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