Different ways to split the dinner bill


You’re out at dinner with a group of friends and the bill comes around. The restaurant doesn’t allow split bills and not everyone has cash in their wallet. Thankfully, you all have the youchamp app on your phones. But have you decided how you’re going to pay?

Take turns paying

If you and your friends frequently eat out together, this option works well. You can start a special youchamp group and dedicate it to your outings. Every time you dine together, add a new expense to the group. Since you know you’ll be going out for dinner with the same group again, you can take turns paying the group bill in the app. Our expense management system will keep track of who’s turn it is to pay.

Conversely, youchamp app is a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t see often. Pay the bill on your first dinner together and use it as a secret ploy to get them to meet up with you again another time. Trust us, the favour will always be returned!

Split equally

youchamp app gives you the option to split equally or allow participants to pay for what they had. Splitting equally is the simple solution. It works best when you shared a group meal, or everybody’s dish was around the same price. If you decide to split the bill equally, just make sure that everyone is happy to pay this way!

One person pays and is repaid

With youchamp app, you can trust your friends to pay you back. youchamp keeps everyone accountable so you never have to worry about being left out of pocket. We’ll send out weekly reminders to your friends about their IOUs, eliminating the need to have an awkward conversation.

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