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Paying for a gift on behalf of a group is a task no one wants to put their hand up for. This is mainly because a few scenarios can happen:

  1. A contributor will commit to help pay but when the time comes they don’t
  2. A contributor will completely forget to pay for the gift
  3. A contributor is tight with their money and just doesn’t pay
  4. Miscommunication about the price/gift and time-frame of payment

It is awkward at the best of times asking people for money when the above circumstances arise. Even more so with your mates or family members.  Normally, the main contributor will end up forking the bill which leaves them out of pocket and sometimes with a sour taste in their mouths. But not to fear: youchamp is here!

youchamp provides consumers with a solution to all the above problems.  youchamp will help people pay for gifts without the hassle of asking contributors for money. The youchamp app will automate the whole process of paying a gift on behalf of a group.

Share a gift with youchamp

youchamp makes it easy to manage any type of gift payment splitting and allows you to pay your friends by credit card, cash or direct debit.

  • Create a group and invite your friends
  • Have no specific target, or enter a target amount
  • Invitees make their payment
  • The arranger claims the money and closes the group
  • youchamp is completely free to use for amounts of under $100. A processing fee of $1 for any group value between $100-$499, $5 for any group value between $500-$999, $10 for any group value between $1,000-$2,499, $25 for any group between $2,500-$4,999 and a 1% fee for any group value over $5,000
  • As soon as you claim the money and close the group, we’ll transfer any outstanding funds to your bank account minus our processing fee, if there is any

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