Group gifting with youchamp


Show your loved one how much you care by gifting them something they will cherish for years to come. Sometimes, the present you want to gift is more than you can afford. When this happens, we suggest you and your friends, family or colleagues come together to purchase a group gift. This not only allows you to purchase an expensive gift for your loved one, but it also makes the present more special as you are gifting it together, as a group.

Group gifting with youchamp

Splitting the cost of a group gift for a family member, friend or colleague is a great way to go. This saves you from having to find your own individual gift and allows you to purchase something more exclusive or substantial for your loved ones. Now you can get your loved one that gift they’ve been hoping for! Which makes their special day even more meaningful.

How do you choose a group gift?

Create a youchamp group chat where you can discuss your group gift ideas. Brainstorm together in the youchamp app. You can also ask everyone to pool their contributions together first and then choose a group gift based on the amount of money you have raised together.

How do you share a group gift?

Discussions are guaranteed to happen over how much money everyone should contribute and when to pay. There are two ways you can go when paying for group gifts. The first is to split the cost of the present equally. Enter the total amount of the present, and youchamp will split it equally with everyone in the expense. The other option is to allow everyone to contribute how much they want. This is a great option for when some people can’t afford to contribute much while others have enough expendable income to contribute more.

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