Fundraising and Bill Splitting

Sharing and caring are among the most important and valuable things you can do. Champy encourages you to give back – to extend a caring hand to those who are less fortunate.

To those who must accept and face the unfortunate circumstances and challenges that have arisen in their lives. You might not get any recognition or certificates, benefits or rewards, but your biggest return is going away knowing that you have made a difference in someone else’s life. Anything small counts a long away!

This week, get your friends and family to come together in the youchamp app and contribute a donation. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, because every little bit of help matters.

You and your mates can use youchamp to share your money and raise the funds. Once enough has been gathered (you guys can decide what amount), discuss in the youchamp app which charity, individual or non-profit organisation you guys want to help.

This week it can be the Sun-Herald City2Surf fun run happening this Sunday the 12th. Or it can be someone else that you and your friends would like to support.

Take initiative, do the right thing and become a champion with youchamp.

While you’re feeling charitable, why not refer your friends to sign up to youchamp so they can become champions too? Enter the youchamp Sony PS4 competition and you will get your own unique referral link. Share your link with all your friends and encourage them to start using youchamp to spread caring and happiness. The more friends you get to sign up, the greater your chances of winning the PS4!

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