Split Dinner Bills

It’s been a good few weeks of relaxing, playing and holidaying, but now it’s time to get back to the daily grind! Yeah, Champy agrees that going back to school doesn’t sound very fun – BUT you can still make things exciting with youchamp!

Your weekend shouldn’t be all work and no play – where’s the fun in that? Use youchamp to share your weekend with friends, split dinner bills and create some special memories.


Use youchamp to plan a get together with your friends at your local burger joint. Share some fries, a meal and drinks, and at the end of it all, youchamp will help you share the costs between yourselves. It’s the perfect chance to catch up on gossip, chat about the latest Netflix originals series and share caring moments with your friends!

While you’re out sharing burgers – why not refer your friends to sign up to youchamp? Get them all to sign up, and you can win a PS4 to share between yourselves!

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