Use the youchamp dinner split bill app

Start organising your post-COVID plans with youchamp!

In our last email, we talked about using  youchamp to connect with loved ones and share new experiences. To make this a little bit easier, here’s how to use  youchamp to start anew with your friends and family.

  1. Open your youchamp app and select ‘New Group’. Enter your group name and description and upload a fun display picture.
  2. Add your friends who are already on youchamp or invite them to join the app.
  3. Once you’ve filled out all the details and invited your loved ones, select ‘Done’ and let the post-COVID fun begin!


Book a vacation home next to the beach, have a fancy group dinner at home with delicious ingredients ordered from your favourite restaurant, or browse the youchamp website for some ideas on what to do with your friends and family!

Whatever you have planned for the future, youchamp is here for you!



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