Split the Costs Evenly

Being in the middle of a pandemic means that we have lots of spare time to learn new skills and make memories to cherish. To keep you from going stir-crazy, use youchamp to combine creativity and socialisation by sharing an arts and crafts kit with your friends!

Learning a new skill with some friends will take your mind off the constant COVID chaos. And in no time, you’ll be crocheting baskets and making complex yarn llamas. Or maybe even some new décor to gift your family for Christmas. youchamp dares you to fancy this new skill.


How do you make this happen? Start by creating a new shared expense in your youchamp group. Invite friends who are interested or push them to generate that interest and split the cost evenly. The amount paid will go straight into your bank account. And then you and your friends can start delighting in the nostalgia of crafting!


Remember, youchamp isn’t just a split bill app. youchamp is about making meaningful connections with a close-knit group away from the noise of highly intrusive social media platforms. Work together towards a shared goal and experience the feeling of inclusiveness!

youchamp is here to connect you and your friends with each other – even in times like these. Share youchamp with all your friends and family and enjoy the benefits of keeping it together with the ones that matter in your life.


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