Viewing Party Split Bill App

Whether you’re riding with Biden or you’re down with Trump (or you couldn’t care less about American politics), you had best open your youchamp app and tuck into some hearty food with your mates while you watch the election results unfold.

If you’ve been following the events developing in the US, you might have grown addicted to the chaos of it all. Now, part of that chapter will close with one question: Trump or Biden?


With social distancing restrictions still in place, it’s best to watch the election results unfold from the comfort of your home. Liven it up by inviting your friends over via youchamp and throw yourselves a mini viewing party.

Decide who will bring the food and drinks, create a group in youchamp, invite your friends and start creating happy memories. Crack open a cold one in front of the TV as youchamp automatically settles all your expenses for you.

Get your Trumpometer or Bidengate party sorted with no hassle when you use youchamp. No matter who wins, youchamp is always here for you!


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