youchamp Chat Groups

Take the hassle out of Christmas 2020 by starting all your plans on youchamp now!

Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it? Don’t!

Using youchamp to plan for Christmas now will make the next 42 days less stressful, more enjoyable and budget friendly.

Why should you start planning for Christmas now?
– Save money
– Save time
– Spend more time with your loved ones
– Keep everyone happy
– Share group gift ideas instantaneously!


Kick off your planning by creating new youchamp chat groups.
These will be used for group gifting, organising a family get together and inviting friends to Christmas parties. Invite all your loved ones to youchamp and add them to relevant groups.

Once your youchamp groups are all set up, the next step will be a breeze. Stay subscribed for next week’s youchamp email to find out what it is!


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