Use Your Credit Card to Pay Others

With the shutdown underway, the last thing you want to do is go outside, if not necessary, and put your life at risk. That’s why we think the perfect solution to your isolation is to use your youchamp app to its full capabilities. Share responsibilities, practice social distancing and be fair by automating all payments to your friends in need on youchamp!

user your card to pay for other

Next time your flatmate or family member goes shopping for essentials, ask them to get you the supplies you desperately need. Pay them back instantly with youchamp direct pay. Remember, with youchamp, you can use your credit card to pay others just as you would at the point of sale. In times like this, it’s just nice to keep it fair by taking turns doing the shopping duties.


youchamp is here for you during these challenging times. Use youchamp to share, and spread the message of CARING.


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