Use youchamp Direct Pay to Help Others

If any of your friends or family are in need during these challenging times, show them how much you care with the help of youchamp.

Provide some financial support for friends and family to help reduce their economic hardship and also prevent disease transmission by allowing your loved ones to stay home.


The fastest way to get funds to those who need it most is by using youchamp Direct Pay. The amount will be sent directly from your credit card to your friend’s nominated credit card or bank account.

If other friends or family would like to contribute, set up a new youchamp group and create a new expense. Allow group members to contribute as much as they are able. Once everyone has contributed, close the expense and Direct Pay the amount to your loved ones.

Doing what you can to support your loved ones during these times will help cushion the economic impact of the pandemic. Show how much you care by using your youchamp app to help those in need.


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