Split it with youchamp

Make every shared experience better with youchamp!

The Biennale of Sydney is back – and it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Use youchamp to plan your trip with your closest ones to the various art exhibitions that are on around Sydney.

Maybe art is not your thing, but enjoying happy shared moments with your friends definitely is!


If anyone else you know is out and about this weekend, why not shoot them a message in youchamp and meet up after you visit the gallery? An impromptu picnic in Hyde Park sounds like a grand idea!

You can quickly run to the corner store and grab snacks for the group. Someone else can pick up some drinks while they’re on their way over. Don’t worry about the costs – just split it with youchamp.

youchamp is always here to help you add more value to your day! No matter how your day begins, you can end it with a smile. With youchamp, you can
Art, Smile, Share and Play – TOGETHER!


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