Become a Champion – Post-COVID!

While we’re not sure when the pandemic will end, things are starting to return to a semblance of normalcy and some positivity in Australia.

But do we want ‘normal’? After months of being away from friends and family, we’ve been given an opportunity to change our ways. So open up your youchamp app and start putting together your post-COVID plan.


Rebuild your relationships

Use youchamp to connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Organise to spend some time together and rebuild your bonds.

Take it easy

Simple activities like shopping, dining out and exploring your own state can feel strange. Use youchamp to share the costs of these activities with someone close to you and ease into post-COVID life together.


Seek opportunities

If you’ve been out of work, youchamp can help you enhance your skillset. Split a group class with your friends and get new qualifications together.

Embrace new habits

Think about how you can make positive changes to your life. Save money by using youchamp to split group costs, manage your expenses and build deeper connections with your loved ones.


After the pandemic, what will ‘normal’ life be? Make the most of this opportunity to start anew. Create a brighter world for yourself by using youchamp to start your post-COVID plan.


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