youchamp Split Bill FAQs


  1. How do you store my credit card data?

youchamp doesn’t store your credit card data. We use Stripe to process credit card payments and so instead of us keeping your details, we allocate each user a token which accesses the payments through Stripe. Stripe is one of the largest and most trusted systems in the world when it comes to payments. You can find out more at

  1. How do you store my bank details?

Your bank details are stored on our encoded server, so no one has access to it except our system for making payments. We need your bank details to pay any money that is charged by credit card, but we don’t to know them.

  1. What do you do with my contact details?

We need your phone number and email address to allow you to login to youchamp. But other than that, Champy will occasionally send you emails about updates made to youchamp. Everything is stored on our protected server which is on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. Is my chat private?

Your chat groups are only available to the users in the chat group. Our system stores the encoded messages on our protected server. This is to protect you from anything unscrupulous happening to your money.

  1. When will my money come to my account?

We transfer funds every day! So, it’s entirely up to your bank when it arrives.

  1. Why can’t you pay directly to my credit card?

We are actively seeking a solution to allow instant transfers to credit cards. We don’t want you to have to create another account with another system, so until we can find something seamless, we’ll continue to use Stripe and then transfer money to you every day.

  1. Can I pay for my friends?

You absolutely can. Just tap on pay for someone else and you can select who you want to pay for. In a Split Equal group, you’ll be paying the equal amount and in an unequal split group you’ll have to enter how much you want to pay for each person. Champy doesn’t tell anyone that you’ve paid for someone else though. He’ll just let everyone know that each person has made their own payment.

  1. What’s the difference between equal not unequal splits?

Sometimes you’ll go for a holiday and everyone is paying the same for the accommodation. Sometimes you’ll go out for dinner and one person will have a diet coke while another person will have a lobster. With youchamp, you can make your group to suit either way. A Split Equal group means youchamp will automatically calculate the amount owing by everyone and let them know. An Unequal Split means each person will have to enter the amount they are paying and youchamp will keep track of it for you.

  1. How do you close a group?

The group Arranger can swipe left on a group at any time and tap claim. This will close the group and any outstanding funds will be transferred to the Arranger. We’ll also charge any processing fees at the time to the Arranger’s credit card.

  1. What happens if one of the group members doesn’t pay?

That’s exactly what youchamp is for. In the Group Details screen everyone can see who has paid what. The group will also stay in everyone’s open group screens, so they’ll always know who hasn’t paid. You can chat about it, send reminders via SMS or in the group and make sure you are always getting paid. You can also choose to claim the group with members outstanding and claim any funds. But be warned, once you claim, they won’t be able to pay anymore.

  1. Why can’t I delete a group?

You shouldn’t need to! youchamp isn’t just about taking payments, it’s also about making and keeping memories. Whenever you claim a group, it will stay in your app and you will still be able to share photos and memories about the event. You’ll also be able to always track who has paid what forever.

  1. What happens to the data of the closed group?

It stays there forever! Keep sharing your memories and keep talking about the amazing time you had.

  1. Do my friends need to download the app to join a group?

If they want to chat in the group, yes, they do! BUT they don’t need to download the app to pay. Instead, you can provide them with the group number, and they can go to the Make a Payment section on the website and pay through there, just like in the app.

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