Make Recurring Payments with youchamp

Things are starting to return to normal – finally!

But sadly some of us have had our incomes cut due to job cuts and loss of hours. If one of your roommates is in this position, help them out by allowing them to pay their rent or share of the bills in small increments.

Make Recurring Payments with youchamp

Here’s how your roommate or your loved ones can use youchamp to pay their share in increments.

Create a youchamp recurring payment with time limits. Set it up to make small, recurring payments every week or so. These are automatic payments, so you don’t have to worry about remembering the dates and payment amounts – youchamp will keep the tab for you.

Set up a recurring payment in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a new group with your roommates in youchamp.
2. Go to the Group Details section and select Create New Expense.
3. Enter the expense details: name, description, amount and contributors. Choose how frequently the payment will repeat.

Select Done and you’re all good to go. Your helping handout will be sent to your loved one’s bank account automatically. If you’re in a position to HELP don’t miss out on this or any other such opportunity. Share the emotion that we share with youchamp.


With youchamp, you can make things a little easier for your loved ones. Help your friends wherever you can and let’s finish the rest of the year on a positive note. It’s time to start to REBUILD!


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