Splitting the Bill at Dinner


Going out to eat is fun, but the reality of splitting the bill isn’t so fun. Even if you only have water and one starter, you get stuck and pay for someone else’s lobster and margarita. If your group decides to distribute your dinners evenly, who will be there for you and who pays for that? Even if you only get water and no snacks, you are likely to be in the same room as your colleagues – workers, friends or family members, so you must pay for everything yourself.

The easiest way to make this gesture is to use the youchamp app. If your friends always go to a particular restaurant when you get together, you should consider whether you take turns paying the entire bill. If your friends often decide to spread the bill evenly and you really try to monitor your expenses, make it all happen with youchamp.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat about splitting the bill, ask your guests to share it before they arrive by setting up a youchamp group for your dinner event. If you split your bill evenly at the end of the night, youchamp will ensure that no one overpays or underpays.

Let’s face it, sharing the bill is really a decision you have to make as a group of friends before deciding to have dinner. You could get stuck splitting your dinner bill if you only have snacks and water or a friend who always forgets to pay back their wallet. Sharing bills is also an option, if you respect the small budget at the table.

youchamp allows you to establish a tab with your friends, calculate your group bill and distribute it fairly. youchamp will then help you split the bill and claim expenses for the cost of a meal for however many different people.

We’re here to help you keep the piece at every group dinner event. Download youchamp now for stress-free bill splitting.

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