Split Your Expenses Equally

Starting university isn’t always easy but youchamp is here to make it a hassle-free process! Before you head to uni next week, Champy wants to show you how to have an awesome start to the semester!


There are heaps of things you need to buy for uni: stationary, electronics, books and lots of other things that you could actually share. To make sure that you don’t forget anything, create a group to share expenses and youchamp it! Grab some friends to help you with your ‘back to uni’ supplies haul. And then you can pay each other back with youchamp direct pay. Champy understands that students are on a budget. youchamp will help you spend that budget wisely. It’s that easy!

If you need to buy or sell textbooks, use youchamp! Chat with your fellow students about how you’ll exchange textbooks, and pay or be paid directly in youchamp. Let’s make your first week at uni a nice and happy experience!

We’re all about turning people into champions, so remember to share youchamp with all your uni mates. Because sharing is caring!

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