Share With Family

Normally the Easter long weekend would be the perfect time to see your family. But with people over the age of 70 being told not to leave their homes, and social gatherings being put on hold, that makes doing so a bit tricky.

But with youchamp, you can show your family and friends that you’re still thinking about them.


Let your household chip in some funds with their youchamp app, and get an essentials bag to your grandparents or friends who are in isolation. You can take turns going to the shops to purchase the items and pay each other back in the youchamp app.

Drop the essentials bag off at your loved one’s home and bring a smile to their face. They will be so happy to know that you are thinking about them.


In the absence of hugs, held hands and closeness, these loving gestures speak volumes. The best medicine in these times (other than a COVID-19 vaccine) are small acts of kindness. And with youchamp, we are making sure that you can deliver exactly that to your loved ones.


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