Share costs with youchamp

A lot of us would like to be on a yacht, but we wouldn’t think of buying one. As they say, the two happiest days in the life of yacht owners are the day that they buy one and they day that they sell it. But thanks to youchamp, you and your mates can now have yourselves a new experience!


Have you ever considered hiring a yacht for a day or even a weekend?
Picture it: blue skies, sparkling waters, a champagne glass and the city skyline as your backdrop. Nothing to worry about but keeping your glass filled and the music going. Have we got you in to the dreamland yet???



It’s easy to hire a yacht on the Sydney Harbour and share costs with youchamp. And the more friends you invite to share, the better!  Take that initiative have the weekend of your lives and build deeper relationships with the people who matter most.

With youchamp you will always learn to care, share and become a champion.


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