Public Holiday Split Bill App

Say hello to the long weekend!¬†It’s our last long weekend for a few months, so you had better make the most of it! Get planning early to make it a weekend to remember.


youchamp will give you and your loved ones a long weekend to remember:

Organise with instant messaging
Start a youchamp group and share messages instantly with your loved ones. Organise your weekend activities, travel plans and group meals.

Sort out group expenses
Group expenses can get messy, especially over a long weekend full of exciting activities. youchamp will get your expenses sorted quickly and without hassle.

Pay or get paid instantly
With youchamp direct pay, you can pay your friends back with just a phone number and your credit card. No more BSBs and account numbers!

Share every memory
youchamp lets you send your loved ones images and uncompressed videos of any size. Never forget a special moment again!


Jump onto youchamp now to make sure your long weekend goes smoothly – no matter how you choose to spend it.


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