Private Messaging App

Keep your chats private – as they should be. youchamp is all about targeted messaging between friends – not targeted advertising.

Unlike other chat apps, youchamp never sells or buys your personal data. Everything you do in youchamp is kept completely private, between you and whoever you choose to share it with.


Make the switch to youchamp and say ‘hello’ to text, voice and video – no strings attached.

1. Invite your friends to a youchamp group by pressing their names in your Contacts list.
2. We’ll send a link to their phones via SMS.
3. They can click the link and sign up with their name, number and password.

youchamp is everything you’ve ever wanted in a chat app. Own your personal data and download youchamp today!

Now you can drop those chat apps like you’re dropping the mic on the way out.



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