Pay for Boxing Day Sales

It’s not long now till Santa comes down the chimney! Champy knows that you are on the nice list so you’ll be getting something extra amazing. But what happens after? Well, the day after Christmas is Boxing Day. And what happens on Boxing Day? BOXING DAY SALES OF COURSE!


Not only will everything be super cheap, you can make it even easier to buy things you want with youchamp !

If you’re thinking of going on holidays, use youchamp to organise and split the costs. Looking for an awesome night out at a fancy restaurant? Use youchamp to take the hassle out of organising the bills. Take advantage of the Boxing Day sales with youchamp and organise with your friends and family to pay for things you’ll be using together in the New Year like pool toys, board games, camping gear, or anything else you can think of.

youchamp and Champy and are here to make your life easier these holidays.

Thank you,


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