Organise a State of Origin Party with Friends

Are you a Blue or a Maroon? Champy is excited that it is State of Origin time!

Organise your friends, watch the game. Only worry about what is happening on the field and let youchamp worry about the rest. Create a State of Origin group in youchamp and invite your friends – organise a State of Origin party with friends in one easy to manage place.

Go the Blues. Go the Maroons. Go Champy! Whoever you want to win, Champy supports you.


Don’t forget the Sony Playstation 4 is still up for grabs. Head to the youchamp website and fill out the form. You’ll get your very own link to send to your friends. Every one who signs up using your link gives you 1 point. The person with the most points will win a PS4 of their very own. Then you can play Rugby League all you want. State vs State, Mate vs Mate! Good luck!

Good luck,


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