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Are you at home dealing with a bad case of the blahs? It’s Champy to your rescue! Champy knows what you can do next time you’re feeling bored.

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to take in the amazing weather and go on adventures with all your friends. And what better way to do this than to check out Sydney’s Fringe Festival while it’s still going?

There’s an 80s-themed roller rink on the rooftop of Broadway Shopping Centre – what a fun idea! It’s an awesome chance to try something new with your friends and make the most of your spring.


Want to kick back and enjoy the views? There’s a pop-up park right next to the rink that’ll let you do just that. Or head down to Level 2 to grab some dinner with your mates and enjoy it under the stars at the pop-up park.

The roller rink is only around ‘til next Sunday the 30th, so you’ve got to be fast. youchamp will get your band together quickly so you can go and have fun without worrying about the boring bits (because youchamp will do that for you). Skate it. Share it. Split it!


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