Launch of youchamp


youchamp has officially been launched to the App Store and Google Play! It is the newest and greatest bill paying app! It splits bills and makes sure everybody pays their share.

The development team has been working hard over the past year to make the app something special for you and your friends. Our graphic design and mobile app development teams worked together to turn our ideas into a fully-functioning application. We’ve listened to your pain points and found solutions we know you’ll appreciate.


To celebrate the release of our new split bill app, the DigiGround team will be giving out free ice cream at WeWork Pyrmont for anybody who downloads the app and signs up. Join us between 2 and 5pm today in the Level 3 common area and take the heat out of sharing. Come along to our launch and learn how you can use the app to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

youchamp is the ultimate bill splitting app. You can chat with your friends, send out IOU reminders and send payments all without leaving the app. Gone are the days of keeping receipts and doing painful calculations after a big group event. For birthdays, day trips and purchasing party supplies, youchamp makes keeping track of contributions a whole lot easier. Enter the expenses, and we’ll tell you how much everyone owes.

It’s a split bill app, chat app and payment app built into one. We’ve tried to think of every scenario and given you the options to manage them. Very soon you will get to know all your spending habits, interestingly, you will definitely know who all the freeloaders are in your life!

We are incredibly proud of our work and suggest you download it now. You can grab it from the App Store or Google Play. Or visit the website to discover more of what youchamp will do for you!


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