How to direct pay

youchamp is a saviour in receiving direct payments! Are you still waiting for friends and family to pay back the small amounts they owe? No hassle! Let youchamp sort out the boring bits.


Avoid uncomfortable conversations in the nicest way possible! Start by creating a new expense on the youchamp app. Invite your best friend who still owes you money and assign the right amount with details to the expense and let youchamp sort out the uncomfortable chasing bits just before the end of the month. youchamp knows that you need that money and will sort that out for you!
Your friends and family can view the expenses they owe you in the youchamp payments section. youchamp will send regular notifications to remind them that you cared and paid for them and now it’s their turn to be the champions.



youchamp direct pay will send the money back to your credit card or your bank account as you prefer. As you have enjoyed creating these happy memories, youchamp will enjoy chasing this money for you. youchamp is all about creating happy sharing experiences.

Keep it together, download youchamp today!

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