Halloween Event Split Bill App

With COVIDEEN 2020 just a day away, the time is ticking on your event planning! Have and your friends organised all the party details with youchamp?

Our instant direct payments functionality will help you pay or get paid quickly and easily – perfect for any last minute bill splitting!

Head to the Direct Pay section and select ‘new’. Add your friend’s phone number, the amount you’re paying and what you’re paying for. Select ‘pay’ and voilà – youchamp has taken care of it! Easy as!


Now that youchamp has taken care of your plans, you can finally carve out time to enjoy Halloween – all within the app! Share your scariest photos and craziest ideas.

Have a spooktacular celebration and fun with your friends when you let youchamp take care of all the costs and planning! Splitting is never scary with youchamp by your side!

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