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The latest update of youchamp is now available in both the Play Store and App Store. For those of you who are new to youchamp, what does youchamp do? While it takes care of first world problem such as sharing bills and getting organised, the aim of youchamp app is for users to care, share and become champions. youchamp allows you to automatically share bills with a range of options to pay your share; create events with close group of real friends/relatives that you always want to spend time with; and not having to worry about the maths. You can continue to build memories and repeat regular events without having to update your calendars or chase payments. youchamp will do it for you!

youchamp is built upon the three basic fundamentals of caring, sharing and becoming a champion:

Youcare – youcare about your friends, so make sure they know it. There’s no limit to what you can share with your friends through youchamp. You can help them with household bills, organise a gift for a group member, or contribute towards you group vacation. Youchamp will help you and your friends create more special memories.

You share – Share your caring moments with your friends. Dinner parties and events are moments to be shared, and youchamp keeps you in that moment even after you’ve left the venue. Share photos, meaningful conversations, live chats and leave the stress of organising payments so you can focus just on having a good time.

Youchamp -youchamp is making it possible for everyone to be a champion. Hassle free payment options so no carrying cash, finding ATMs, fielding excuses of “I will pay you later” etc. Keep it clean, keep it simple, use youchamp and become a champion. There is nothing more important than your friendships.

Try youchamp today and enjoy sharing again!

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