Best Travel Planner App

We’re 3 weeks away from the Easter long weekend! Have you got your travel plans sorted on youchamp yet?

3 weeks might seem like a long time, but we assure you, these weeks are going to fly! You’ll want to make the most of this time by using youchamp to organise your weekend trip with your besties.


1. Just create a group and fill in the travel details – let youchamp do the maths.
2. All expenses are visible and everyone on the trip can add their own.
3. Save receipts, share spontaneous trip pics and remember the happy moments!

Share your love of travel and bring your loved ones closer to you!
Whether you choose to go on an exciting family getaway or a spontaneous beach trip with friends, youchamp will do the organising and tracking so you can relax and enjoy your Easter long weekend.


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