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If you didn’t already know (you will now!) a dust storm is hitting Sydney early this afternoon with the same force as the one back in 2009. Before you get blown away by the thick dust clouds, youchamp will get your friends and family prepared to brace the storm!


Figure out which of your friends has the best house and head on over with the rest of your mates. You’re in for a long stay! Create a new youchamp group to pool your cash together so you can pay for important supplies (movies, junk food, games and any other must-haves).

Have the most epic movie marathon tonight. Watch the best sandstorm scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade Runner 2049 and The Mummy. Or you can beat the new Spyro games and throw a pillow fort party. youchamp will help you enjoy yourselves while you’re tucked away safe inside!

If you don’t live in Sydney and get to miss out on the dust storm, no worries! You can still do all of these awesome things and have a blast with youchamp, the best expense management app. You don’t need to wait for a dust storm to have an excuse to hang out with your favourite people!

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